My name is Grace Jaeger. I am an intuitive psychic, a medium, an animal communicator/psychic and an energy healer.  I have been providing these services professionally since 2007 - full time since 2014.  

All of my services can be done remotely, either by telephone or telepathically.  And I am available for events and parties.    I am also an ordained minister with Universal Life Church Monastery and am available to officiate at weddings. 

​For more information about availability and rates, email me at gjaeger@gmail.com.

Note:  I recently moved from Minnesota to Missouri and am trying to make myself more accessible.  So this website is consolidated from 2 previously owned businesses.  If you were looking for www.SingTheCircle.com or www.AllCreaturesChat.com, you're in the right place.  The logos and descriptions for these businesses are shown below for now - until everyone is comfortable with my transition (including me!).

I am an animal psychic who communicates telepathically with animals, both living and crossed over.   Also known as an Animal Communicator, I can get answers to many questions by chatting with and listening to your pet.  I am also often able to intuitively learn from your pet if they are experiencing pain, either physical or emotional.  See full information on the Animal Services page. 

THIS SITE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  It is a consolidation of Sing the Circle and All Creatures Chat.  

Please contact me for questions and current pricing.  GJaeger@gmail.com or 612.986.4730.

Sing the Circle

A Sacred Circle of Healing for All Creatures

All Creatures Chat

...and We're Here To Listen

Sing the Circle was my "healing site". Its name derived from the way I start a healing session, by creating a sacred circle of healing. The service remains the same - see full information at the Healing Services page.