Sing the Circle is a sacred circle of healing for all creatures, available remotely throughout the universe and in person by appointment in Minnesota (with winter availability in Missouri).  In this Circle, various spiritual tools are used to assist you in healing yourself.  These tools include Sacred Sounds, healing energy, chakra balancing, animal communication (when relevant) and other healing modalities.

Sing the Circle

A Sacred Circle of Healing for All Creatures


NOTICE: This site will be under construction while I combine all my services in one place and update for my move to Missouri. Until then, please visit the 2 sites listed below. Thank you for your patience.

My name is Grace Jaeger. I am the owner of Graceworks, Inc, a Minnesota S-Corporation.  The companies listed below are “divisions” within that corporation.  I hope that you enjoy browsing each site.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything! 

As a psychic medium, healing energy worker and an animal communicator, I am available for events and gatherings of all sizes to do healing energy work, psychic readings with my personal "Soul Cards" and remote chats  with pets.  I am also an ordained minister with Universal Life Church Monastery and am available to officiate at weddings. 

​For more information about availability and rates, email me at

I am an animal psychic who communicates telepathically with animals, both living and crossed over.  Also known as an Animal Communicator, I can get answers to many questions by chatting with and listening to your pet.  I am also often able to intuitively learn from your pet if they are experiencing pain, either physical or emotional.  I am dedicated to helping you and your animals live happier, healthier lives together by facilitating an understanding between you.  You supply the love and I'll supply the words.


If you are curious about the symbols at the top of this page, it spells "Grace" in Rune.  I am studying Rune Sticks and will be introducing them into my spiritual practice in the near future.  

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