ENERGY HEALING can be of great benefit for your pet, for pain relief, helping with specific medical issues and helping with emotional issues.  While some animals respond well to hands-on energy healing, most prefer to receive remote energy healing.  This is especially true for cats!

But whatever the species, cat, dog, horses, fish, birds - all can benefit from universal energy directed their way.  

This service usually comes after an animal communication session.  It is helpful for me to have that prior relationship with your pet before we go to work on healing.  Please contact me for specifics in this regard.  


  • If you could talk to your favorite animal, what would you like to know?
  • Have you ever wondered what your pet thinks of you or your home?
  • Do you think your pet is experiencing pain or other medical issues?
  • Have you ever wondered what your pet's life was like before joining your family?  
  • What does your pet think of other animals in your home?
  • What is your pet's favorite food and favorite toy?
  • Want to make sure your pet knows how much you care about them?
  • Wonder what name they call you or what name they would like to be called?
  • Would you like to connect with a pet that has transitioned to the other side?
  • ​Animals have spirit helpers just like humans.  Want to know who is helping yours?
  • ​​We are all put here for a purpose - sometimes pets know and will share their purpose with us.

While not every pet is willing to share information, most will. I would be honored to see if yours is one that will chat and share.  Others may be uncommunicative or prefer privacy, which we will honor.

What are the Benefits of 

Animal Communication and Energy Healing?

  • You and your pet can improve your understanding of each other, leading to improved lives for both of you.

  • Animal communication can help with behavioral issues.  Pets are not innately "bad" or "ornery"; there is usually a reason for problem behavior.

  • Negotiating solutions.  Once identified, behavior issues can often be resolved through negotiation.

  • Preparing your pet ahead of time for any changes in daily routines, home environment or family members will greatly help to reduce stress on all of you.

  • Physical issues can frequently be detected at an early stage.  Sometimes it is as simple as making a diet change; other times I may recommend veterinary care of healing energy.

  • Healing Energy can help to alleviate pain, resolve medical issues and relieve emotional issues.  

  • Aging pets and end-of-life issues.  Through communication, your older pets can be made more comfortable and you can understand what they need as their bodies change.  It will give them a voice in their end-of-life care.

  • Energy Healing can help your pet prepare for transition.  

  • Connect with pets who have passed to the other side and have an opportunity to express your love and final thoughts.  Your pets will be able to give you messages in return after passing.  

See also the Frequently Asked Questions page.  ​

I chat with creatures from this world and beyond.  I'd love to chat with yours.  

Descriptions and pricing of services coming soon -please contact me for details in the interim. 

Animal Communication & Energy Healing

What is an Animal Communicator?

As an Animal Communicator, I communicate telepathically with animals, both living and crossed over.  Sometimes called an Animal Psychic, I can get answers to your questions and more by chatting with and listening to your pet.  

Perhaps your pet will have a list of questions for you?

I am also often able to intuitively learn from your pet if they are experiencing pain, either physical or emotional.  If this is the case, I may recommend a visit to your pet's veterinarian and/or some energy healing.  (See below, as well as on the Healing Services page.)

I am dedicated to helping you and your animals live happier, healthier lives together by facilitating an understanding between you.  You supply the love and I'll supply the words!