* Is chatting with animals really possible?

Of course, on a website that is offering animal communication skills, the short answer is "yes".  The longer answer is that as I continue my work chatting with animals, I continue to get validation from the humans involved. Behavior changes, previous events and many other types of things that an animal has told me have been repeatedly verified.  See the Testimonials page for a few examples.

This is not to say that I am always 100% correct in reporting the animal's answers.  Just like communication between humans and through no fault of the animals, I sometimes don't ask the right questions or I word something incorrectly or there is a misunderstanding.

When asked how animal communication is possible, some would describe it as telepathic communication or an intuitive connection.  For me, it is all of that and part of my spiritual experience as well.  I understand wanting to "understand" and wish I could give a better answer than "it works".  It does.  

* How does a communication session work?

Once I receive payment notification, I will contact you for the information I need.  This is usually only the name, gender and species of the animal.  Then within the next 3 days, I will contact your pet and have a conversation.  

First I introduce myself, tell them that you have requested I talk with them and ask if they will chat and if I can share what they tell us.  If the answer to either of those questions is "no", I will try to work through it.  If I am unable to work through it, I will honor you pet's wish for privacy and/or confidentiality and end the session, refunding your money.

If your pet wishes to chat, we will proceed with the conversation.  When we're finished, you will be sent an email report about the chat and have 2 days to come back to me with some follow-up questions.  I will contact your pet again for these follow-up questions at no additional charge.  

* If I decide to have you chat with my pet, will you come to my home?

All of our animal communication sessions are done remotely.  Your pet stays in the comfort of their own home and I will talk with them from my location.  

* What happens if my pet won't chat?

At the beginning of a session I introduce myself, tell them that you have asked me to talk with them and ask if they are willing to chat with me.  Occasionally I get a negative response, which I try to work through.  If the pet still refuses to chat, I will respect their wishes and refund your money.

If your pet agrees to chat with me, the next question is whether I can share our conversation with you.  I do get a negative response to this sometimes.  I am usually able to work around this response and let the pet identify the areas that are confidential, while still being able to share the bulk of our conversation with you.  If the pet refuses to let me share anything at all, I will respect their wishes and refund your money.

* Can you tell if my pet has pain?

In addition to being able to chat with animals, I can usually detect pain.  Sometimes the animal is able to describe the pain, the location and severity and other times I use my empathic abilities and my intuition to figure it out.  I will always ask about pain!  And if there is pain or a different health issue, I will tell you about it.  I may recommend veterinary care and/or energy healing sessions.

* Will I be able to tell when you're chatting with my pet?

The answer to this question is "usually not".  Some humans report that their pet gets quiet or more relaxed.  Because our conversations are done remotely, it is difficult to tell if this is happening while I am talking or afterwards.  Many pets are relieved and delighted to have someone to chat with and will appear more relaxed afterwards.  

* Can you talk with my pet that has passed?

The answer to this is "usually".  It has been my experience that often the pet's soul has "work" to do after transitioning to the other side.  So an animal is not available, especially if soon after death.  Other than that, I am usually able to connect with your pet on the other side and am able to relay messages back and forth between you.  This type of service is best done by telephone - contact me for details.  

* Can you help find my lost pet?

I am usually able to at least talk to a pet that is lost or missing, although it is not always helpful in locating them.  It is difficult because the pet is usually confused and frightened so communication can be fragmented or not reliable.  If you want help, I will be willing to TRY to help, with the understanding that there are no guarantees or refunds.  

If you have questions that aren't answered here, please feel free to contact us.  

Frequently Asked Questions