Descriptions and pricing of services coming soon -please contact me for details in the interim. 

HEART BARRIER WORK:  I can help you discover the emotions tucked behind your heart barriers, often retrieving memories and/or causes that were long lost.  After discovery, the emotions can be cleared so you can move ahead with a clearer understanding and a more open heart.  

ENERGY HEALING:  As a Conduit for Universal Healing Energy, I will direct that energy to you for you to use wherever and however the energy is most needed.  I will use various tools to assist you in healing yourself.  These tools include Sacred Sounds, healing energy, chakra balancing, animal communication (when relevant) and other healing modalities.  

I begin a session by inviting the spirits to come close and gather around.  Your chakras will be checked and opened if needed. If this is an in-person session, it will likely be hands-on; although I also do a technique where I transmit healing energy from my heart through my eyes.  It may not be directly on the affected area and sometimes spirit helpers may join in.  Each person's healing session is unique.  

Energy Healing is effective either in person or remotely.  If done remotely, it is sometimes more effective for you to actively participate at your location at an appointed time.  Usually though this is not necessary and the healing energy finds it way to you for you to use as needed.

Healing Energy Medicine is effective for physical healing, as well as emotional and spiritual healing.  You are the healer and will decide how and where to use the energy for your highest good.

I am a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, trained in Hands on Healing, an EFT Practitioner and a shamanic practitioner. 

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Please note:  Energy Healing involves channeling energy from the universe or from your higher power to your body.  And, although Energy Healing has proven very effective, it does NOT take the place of seeking qualified medical care.  Energy Healing is a complementary service, not an alternative one.