A MEDIUMSHIP CONNECTION is a dialogue between yourself and your loved ones that have passed.  This connection is usually possible but it is recommended that it not be tried until about 6 months after your loved one transitions.  Connections can be made with humans and your beloved pets as well.  

I believe that my purpose in this regard is as a Messenger for Spirit.  My readings have been described as lovingly honest, whatever the message.  I make no claims to be a fortune teller and consider my readings to be more akin to Spiritual Guidance.  

Descriptions and pricing of services coming soon - please contact me for details in the interim.  

What is the difference between a

Psychic Reading and a Mediumship Connection?  

I describe a PSYCHIC READING as a dialogue between my client (you) and Spirit, the Universe or your higher power, whatever you may call that connection.  I have various tools to assist in this dialogue.  The one I use most frequently is a large deck of cards that I made myself. (A sample of the cards pictured below.) I use these cards to connect with Spirit to help find answers to your questions to find the information that is for your highest good.