Psychic Reading:  Quote from Facebook - I had a phone reading with Grace Jaeger total awesome. I recommend Grace, information was so accurate and thank you so much for doing this today.  — feeling blessed.  ~ Marie S.

Psychic Reading:   Grace's reading was probably the best reading I ever had. She was thorough and accurately identified and delved into several issues I was having in my life. Two weeks after the reading, I am still finding my notes from the reading helpful. I highly recommend Grace as a thorough, compassionate, accurate intuitive reader.  ~ C.H.

Hands-On Healing Energy:  "Before I received a healing through Grace, I suffered an injury to my left hand.  For nearly a year I had open sores, swollen fingers and achiness caused by an allergic reaction from my work environment.  I went to the western medicine doctor twice, got the various creams and medications but nothing worked.  Finally I went to Grace and could feel a change after the first session!  Oh yes, a nurse did a follow-up on my condition and was satisfied that their treatment had worked.  I told her the truth and she didn't question it."
                                            ~Cyndi G.

Healing Energy & Animal Communication:  Quote from Facebook:  This woman is absolutely amazing, check out her site, she communicates with our furry friends and has also helped my family feel better with her healing, I cannot promote her amazing abilities enough!! Thank you so much Grace!  ~ JB 

Remote Healing Energy:  "Grace's QT energy work controls my occupational related shoulder tendonitis with an initial intensive program of a few days and periodic energy if I have increased inflammation.  All of my care has been sent over 20 miles up to several thousand miles."  
                                                ~Mary, Licensed Massage Therapist

Hands-On Healing Energy:  "Thank you u did a great job on me when I saw you at the open house. I had a calf cramp in the front leg very odd and u got it out😘.  You rock!".     ~Diane N.

Animal Communication:  "I had been experiencing issues with my young male cat, who was having very bad skin twitching, followed by skin rolling and tail chasing.  I was also having some aggression issues with him towards me and my other 2 cats.  His behavior worsened and he started chasing his tail obsessively to the point where he would bite his tail, hurt himself and then yelp.    I took him to the vet who found nothing physically wrong and stated he appeared to be very healthy but could be having some sort of seizure.  He suggested steroids, which are used quite commonly in the treatment of cats for skin and behavioral issues.

I contacted Grace for help because I wanted to explore an alternative to traditional treatment based on drugs, which could ultimately harm my cat's health.  She worked with me via e-mail to institute some changes in my cat's diet.  She worked with me and my cat to figure out why he was behaving the way he was and gave me tools with which to work on both my interaction with him and his interaction with me.  She spoke to him and his two girl housemates to try and determine what if any issues were on their minds.  She urged my cat to give new things a try and to work with me to help communicate with him.  

Grace's help and compassion have aided in making dramatic changes in my cat over a short amount of time.  He now eats and devours raw cat food.  His skin rarely rolls or twitches and he has had no more serious tail chasing episodes.  He is more loving and seeks out more attention.  His demeanor has calmed considerably and he even seems more kind to his 2 housemates.

All in all, it has been a very positive and enlightening experience.  I would highly recommend Grace's services and talents to anyone who is experiencing problems with their feline companions.  Grace has the ability to communicate on another level with our companions which is an invaluable tool in the care of our animals.      ~Lisa R and Nelson the Cat

Animal Communication & Remote Healing Energy:    "I have never written a testimonial before, most likely because a service, a product or person was just ordinary and didn't strike me as anything special or worthy.  The reason I am writing one this time is because I found both the person and the service extraordinary.  Grace Jaeger is the most wonderful and caring person I have ever met.  We share a love of cats, which is how we met.

One of my cats was a sweet orange boy named Clark.  He was a very special 10-year old kitty with many health issues from his previous life that required lots of special treatment.  Sometimes things didn't go so well with the treatments and he would struggle.  I spoke to Grace about my concerns...she was able to have a conversation with Clark about what was bothering him.  He knew he needed the treatments.  He said he was willing to be more cooperative if he wasn't restrained and if he could have a treat after.  I did exactly as Clark requested and was floored and amazed and so grateful!  Giving him his fluids and meds became much more simple - there was no stress on either of us and it was wonderful!  

What also helped was receiving healing energy for Clark.  I have also personally received healing energy from Grace for some surgeries so that the results would be good and recovery easy...and let me just say it's been all good.  I am so thankful, grateful and fortunate for both my cat, Clark, and myself, that I met and got to know Grace and her amazing abilities."            ~Jackie P.

(Note from Grace:  All this as done remotely between Minnesota and New York.)

Animal Communication:   I rescued a horse named Seven from a feed lot in January of 2012. We didn't know much about him and I asked Grace to "talk" to him.  She told me several things that were consistent with behavior - he had been hit around the face (he's head-shy) and that he had pain in his left hind leg.  He did have an injury on his left left and after two surgeries we discovered he had a piece of wood in there!  While the information from Grace did resonate, it was something else she said that really stood out to me: that he likes to be close to my other horse, Gracie.  This seemed odd to me since there are almost 50 horses together in a pasture.  I was skeptical!  But sure enough, the next time I went out to see them, he was following her around like a puppy dog.  To this day it is obvious to everyone that he is absolutely smitten with her!

Grace mentioned that he sees me as a kind and gentle person.  I am very gentle with him - some would say too gentle - but I can't help it because of all he's been through.             ~ Kristen H.